An Aaron Gordon Company


Aaron Gordon


After his first construction project, a tree house when he was a kid, Aaron knew he was onto something. In between building that tree house and founding Aaron Gordon Construction, Inc. and 415 Remodeling, Inc., Aaron worked for his father manufacturing speakers in the car audio industry. There he developed his instincts for business, and went on to earn a business degree from Sonoma State University. Following graduation he worked as a stage hand and set builder and in his spare time worked on small construction projects. The projects became larger and more frequent until Aaron eventually decided to get his general contractor’s license and combine his passion for building with his passion for running a business. He has never looked back. When he’s not working Aaron spends time with his wife and son, goes camping, plays tennis, and thinks business.

Bill Johnson


Bill began his professional career as a real estate appraiser in the mid-80’s after graduating from University of Colorado. He took a break from real estate to help develop several successful internet start-ups, but after surviving the dot-com crash of 2001, Bill made a deliberate shift back to the more tangible world of houses and remodeling. For him, almost nothing is more satisfying than helping his clients increase their property values while dramatically improving their quality of life. He and Aaron Gordon shared a vision of creating a high quality and service-oriented design/build team in San Francisco and from there 415 Remodeling, Inc. was born. In his free time Bill rides road, mountain and x-cross bicycles and enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, Renee.

Brian Burns


As Chief Financial Officer, Brian oversees all financial obligations such as contracts, subcontracts, payroll, systems and software for all projects, he also regulates contracts between 415 Remodeling, subcontractors, vendors, and clients before a job begins. To keep 415 Remodeling running smoothly he tops off his responsibilities by managing all employee benefits from health insurance to 401K plans. When he isn’t balancing a budget Brian, California born and bred, can be found rooting for the Giants, 49ers, or Warriors teams.

Hayley Alexander


Growing up observing her mom’s work in retail construction, Hayley was naturally drawn to construction and design as a career. She loves merging creative project concepts with practical parameters like interior construction and lighting while accounting for future furnishings. Hayley’s superpower is to overcome any building challenge by gaining all the information needed to accomplish the construction/building goal. Once an idea is set in stone, she drafts a detail plan to share with each client. Not only does she design, but Hayley oversees the permitting process to ensure each project is up-to-code and compliant during and at the completion of the remodel. When she’s not designing, Hayley stays inspired by traveling, developing film in the dark room, and painting.

Nathaniel Beilby


Nathaniel discovered construction in the summer of his 15th year and he never looked back. He loves general carpentry and has a passion for finish carpentry. In Nathaniel’s free time he likes to read, garden, and watch Doctor Who.

Angel Perez


Angel has worked in the construction industry for 15 years. He got his start in El Salvador and brought his years of concrete and tile experience with him to the U.S. His main interests and specialty now is in sheetrock, painting, framing and finish carpentry. To relax Angel likes to go fishing with his son.

Miguel Rivas


Miguel likes to work with his hands and he likes work that requires vigilance and focus. Sixteen years ago he discovered construction and it was a perfect fit. Over the years he’s developed an affinity for finish carpentry which works great for us and our clients! In his off time you’ll find Miguel and his family in any of San Francisco outdoor parks or maybe he’ll be planting something new in his own backyard.